Board of Directors

ReJenerate Housing Cooperative is a fully-formed nonprofit within the State of Wisconsin. Here is our Certificate of Charitable Status, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation. We welcome new board directors with diverse input to shape the cooperative’s future. Board membership involves 1-2 meetings per month and some email communication. Contact for more info.

Colleen Robinson, President

Colleen’s background is in environmental education and communications. She has years of experience leading and facilitating statewide, interagency communications projects as well as on-the-ground, k-12 and adult outdoor learning programs. She currently works for a national non-profit called the Forest Stewards Guild. She served 14 years as education coordinator for the Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton, and is a Wisconsin Master Naturalist Instructor. Colleen is passionate about local, healthy food; open, supportive relationships and communities; building partnerships and collaborations to support ecological communities and people’s connection to land; and being outside. She has owned a young service-oriented business called Nature’s Good Company, LLC since 2021.

Matthew Ploeger, Secretary

Matthew is an aspiring environmental and social justice activist who believes that we must work together with our neighbors, near and far to address the climate and social emergencies we find ourselves in the midst of. He believes strongly in the mission of ReJenerate to foster a diverse community of affordable housing and is honored to be able to support this mission.

Ethan Gillis, Treasurer and House Liaison

Ethan was born and raised in a suburb in West Chicago called River Forest. He went to college at Western Michigan University, where he obtained an associate’s degree as well as a bachelor’s degree, with both directed towards fermentation science and brewing. Having left the brewing and beverage production industry a couple of years ago, he is now an apprentice commercial electrician. Being in the IBEW Local 159, Ethan is familiar with the positive changes that happen from people helping each other out while in a large organization. He looks forward to what is to come within the Co-Op, and hopes that everyone else is too.

Math Heinzel, Director

Math is a Madison resident since 1985, retired after 30 years at UW-Madison in IT/GIS. Widowed, 4 grandchildren. Degrees in General Studies, Forestry, Environmental Studies. Work experience ranging from factory and service work to youth outreach, woodworking, construction and IT professional. Founding member of the Earth Conclave, on the Board of PermacultureWorks Coop. Bibliophile, gardener, lifelong learner.

Willie Watkins, Director

Willie is Street Outreach Coordinator at Briarpatch Youth Services. Long-standing member of the Madison community that is invested in the progression of our most vulnerable populations. In addition to navigating through such barriers such as housing instability, Willie continues his journey to attain his doctorate in Psychology.

Luke Chamberlain, Director and House Liaison

Luke has lived in Madison since early 2022 when he moved from Colorado to study Cartography and GIS (geographic information science) at UW. He works now at the university school of medicine as a GIS analyst at the Center for Health Disparities Research. Luke is passionate about building creative, expressive, fun communities and empowering everyone to realize their potential together! He believes in collaboration in all aspects of life – art, science, living, work, etc. There is more when we share! In his free time Luke is usually biking, obsessing over a new art project, watching movies, staring at trees, or making a map or some other data visualization.