ReJenerate Housing Cooperative will be Madison’s first housing cooperative that combines environmental sustainability, affordable housing, and diversity and inclusion at this scale.

In 2019 a trio of local, cooperative housing developers purchased two homes on Jenifer Street in Madison with a vision to create something better. After a ton of work and grant writing, major remodel planning, and outreach, RefineJenifer, LLC set the stage for the non-profit ReJenerate Housing Cooperative (RHC) to exist.

RHC is a non-profit with a Board of Directors who are committed to laying the groundwork on this project, while allowing flexibility for future residents to shape the community they live in.

We are ready for your input! If you are interested in helping plan this exciting and innovative project, please join us! To learn more, drop in at our monthly meeting, join our membershipping committee or read more on our sustainability, diversity, and affordability pages. Here is a summary:

  • Most units will be income restricted
  • The coop will have a mix of single room units and suites with kitchenettes available, with all members sharing access to house common spaces
  • There will be 2-bed, 3-bed, 4-bed, and 5-bed units to accommodate cooperative living for families.
  • Focus on diversity and community learning.
  • Electric car-sharing, solar energy, and bike-friendly storage.
  • Locally sourced food, pollinator friendly landscaping, and health and wellness house elements.