Madison housing has followed broader national trends in recent decades. Affordable housing is scarce. Development is catering to median and high income residents, which does not reflect the reality that thousands of people in the City cannot afford to own, or even rent, a home.

Food, health care, day care, and other basic needs are more expensive to come by as well. This is especially true for those who have lost income due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are committed to doing something different, to show that other forms of housing development are not just possible, but successful. We are funded by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago Affordable Housing Program, City of Madison Affordable Housing Fund, and other sources that value affordable solutions. Most units will be permanently affordable and income restricted: 3 units will be reserved for residents under 30% AMI, 6 units will be reserved for residents under 50% AMI, and 3 units will be reserved for residents under 80% AMI. (Look up Dane County AMI by household size)

A housewide, commercial CSA subscription is an option to keep food options affordable, healthy, fresh, and supportive of the local economy.

Workshops for house members on tax preparation, legal matters, and other learning opportunities will be available free of charge.