Environmental Sustainability

Solar PV, electric car sharing, house CSA membership, food and polinator gardens, and bike-friendly living are just a few ways we are honoring our partnership with our environment, for the good of all.

20Kw Solar PV

3 Electric Vehicles

Efficient Air to Water Heat Pumps

Upgraded Insulation

The overall energy intensity per resident will be nearly 80% lower once the development is complete with full occupancy. Energy modeling provided by Focus on Energy estimates the overall energy use at the properties will decrease by 63% on a per-square-foot basis. This major reduction in consumption will be achieved while increasing the conditioned space by 45%, doubling the occupancy, and adding air conditioning. We feel achieving these goals by integrating state-of-the-art technology into two historic, 100-year-old houses can serve as a model for the potential of deep energy retrofits on other older multi-family properties in Madison. A few examples include installation of 0.8 gallon low-flow toilets, motion-sensing light switches, increased wall and attic insulation, solar panels, micro CHP, high efficiency HVAC, and an innovative car sharing program.